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Why do most startups fail? Even when there are so many opportunities and resources available today.

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Here’s how you can succeed where others fail

A startup is just a non-real entity that exists only on paper if you think about it. And startups are formed to give people a reason to come and work together towards a common goal. It is the people, usually the founders that decide which direction to head in, which processes to follow and the decisions that need to be made. And along with the early employees in a startup they are responsible for all the work that is done. So when we say this/that startup failed, it doesn’t make any sense, startups can’t fail, startups don’t fail, right? People do.

So, the real question is why do people fail? Generally, but more specifically when it comes to startups. Now I have a book’s worth of content on this, but to give an overview, it all comes down to three reasons. First, bad expectations management. I’ve somewhat covered this in my earlier videos, but most early founders, don’t have a good enough idea of what they’re heading into. Of course, you can’t always have a full picture of the future, but when your job is to build, implement and deliver products and solutions that possibly thousands or millions of people will use, then you need to know what to expect to a good degree and prepare for it the best you can. The problem is, most founders don’t expect a lot of things that they will come across and when they do, they’re lost and then instead putting out the fire, they finally get down to learning what to do in that particular situation, and while they’re busy doing that, the fire keeps spreading and then it becomes even harder to solve that problem. And the worst thing that can happen to a young founder is to get stuck in this cycle. But had you expected to come across those challenges, you would have prepared for it and the on-the-ground reality would have been completely different.

Startups don’t fail, people do

The second reason that people fail or “startups fail” is the lack of access to quality information and resources. So, once you know what to expect, your next step would be to prepare for it by researching online, taking online courses and building that skillset. The problem arises when it’s hard to shift through the ocean of surface level, incomplete and often deceitful information on the internet that makes you think like they’re telling you everything you need to know but usually that’s just not true. Take any search query for instance and type it on google and youll find that 9 out of the 10 pages are filled with titles “Everythin you need to know in 5 easy steps”, “become an expert overnight by following these 10 secrets to say creating a foolproof business plan”. If it was that simple and easy to find then everyone would be running a million dollar business right now but that’s obviously not the case. And I don’t blame google or the bloggers for filling you up with this over simplified information because after all these are the types of titles and articles that drive the most traffic, and it’s a great marketing hack (which I talk all about in my startup design course) but it just doesn’t solve your problem in the long run and you often have to put in hundreds of search queries and visit thousands of websites and take 10-20 different online courses and spend so much money only to get 1 small insight that is actually actionable. And that is the issue. Most information you will find that is talked about in these “expert courses” is so inactionable. In the moment they make it seem like they’re changing your life, but when you actually get down to it, you wouldn’t even know what your first step should be. If you’re someone that’s been through all this, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The good news is, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t good resources out there that can actually help you. There 100% are, it’s just a really tedious experience of having to look and accumulate these resources together and then try and make sense of the entire picture. But the even better news is, you don’t have to put yourself through that. This why startup cavern was founded.

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